Skunk Damage

Does your lawn look like this?

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Skunk Burrow

Some where close the skunk has a home.

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Skunk Party

Skunks adapt to the dwellings of humans.

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Skunks vs. Dogs

Is your dog being sprayed by a skunk?

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Did you know that about 23% of all cases of rabies in California come from skunks?

Facts & Figures

How to get Rid of Skunks

There are a number of things that you can do to dissuade skunks from your property. There is nothing


Video: Why You Need a Professional to Remove a Skunk

Some residents try to trap skunks on their own. While it can be difficult to catch skunks, once they


Why You Need Experts to Remove a Skunk

Removing skunks from a cage takes expertise. Often people call me after they caught a skunk but do n



Nancy – Fair Oaks, CA

I called Master Pest Patrol this morning after waking up to a strong skunk odor. I went outside to see if I could see a dead skunk in my yard, but fou