Did you know that about 23% of all cases of rabies in California come from skunks?

October 2013

Video: Why You Need a Professional to Remove a Skunk

Some residents try to trap skunks on their own. While it can be difficult to catch skunks, once they are caught, the homeowner has to think about what he will do with the caught skunk. If you are not a [...]

Why You Need Experts to Remove a Skunk

Removing skunks from a cage takes expertise. Often people call me after they caught a skunk but do not know what to do with it in the cage. They usually get sprayed in the act of trying to relocate it. [...]

Skunk with rabies

Sacramento Beware: The Skunks are Back!

Isaac Gonzalez -- Sacramento, CA — They’re baaaaaaaack! After months of relative peaceful coexistence, the feral skunks which usually roam the outskirts of the city have returned to Sacramento to feast on our scraps before fornicating to perpetuate their numbers. [...]

Skunks in Sacramento

Skunks Invade Sacramento in the Name of Love

ABC - By Gillian Mohney -Sacramento - With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Sacramento residents are getting a pungent reminder that “love stinks” as skunks invade backyards and public parks during their annual mating season. The smelly problem peaks at [...]

Skunks descend on Sacramento for mating season

Animal trappers told Fox 40 TV that hundreds of skunks are coming out of the woods and heading into the city looking for their mate. "It's crazy," Creature Catchers animal trapper Stephen Andert Jr. told the TV station. "They are [...]